Column Pipes (Coming soon)


Column Pipes (Coming soon)

Samrat Industries is introduce Column Pipes in Indian Market which is 100% safe for drinking water application. In other term, Samrat Industries Pipes keep the water clean from the source itself and not contributing to any toxicity to the water.

Samrat Industries Pipes are available in 1” (33 mm OD) to 4” (114 mm OD) with different class like V4-12.5 Kg, Medium, Standard & Heavy.

As the full line manufacturer of Column Piping system for residential and industrial applications, Samrat Industries can be your one stop source for all the plastic piping required for lifetime piping solutions for smart peoples.

Features and Benefits:

Samrat Industries pipes are manufactured from UPVC compound material especially developed to sustain best column loads, pressure and also encounters the high impact developed during handling, storage and installation.

Supply of drinking water is 100% hygienic and safe as being pumped through Samrat Industries Column pipes manufactured from special METAL FREE compound right from the origin of water source beneath under the earth at maximum depth

Every pipe is annealed during manufacturing which is a very special technique developed Samrat Industries. This will really enhanced the mechanical properties of pipes which make sure that the pipes will perform best during application.

The pipe ends are specially given the effect of additional wall thickness by using Thin & Thick process to compensate the strength and load bearing capacity caused due to threading of pipes. The effect of Thin & Thick is given to all sizes considering the working conditions & load factor.

Water rising for submersible and jet pump for irrigation, domestic and industrial applications. Ideally suitable for long term use in safety, sandy and chemically aggressive water.

P.V.C. Division - P.V.C. Pipes, S.W.R. Pipes, U-PVC Pipes, Rigid Agricultural Pipes & Casing Pipes.

Rubber Hose Division - L.P.G. Hoses, Diesel Hoses, Tractor - Trolly Hoses & All Hydraulic Hoses.


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