Chemical Hose


Chemical Hose

IS 7654 Type-2

Application - Designed for a wide range of chemicals, dilute acids, alkalies & alcoholic materials
Lining - EPDM Rubber compund
Reinforcement - Double high tenacity synthetic yarn braids
Cover - EPDM rubber compound with heat, abrasion, ageing and ozone resistance
Temperature - Service temperature range -40°C to + 100°C

With UHMWPE Film Followed by EPDM Rubber

Application – IT handless e majority of common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity flow and also in food and beverages industry
Tube – Chemical resistance synthetic tube with UHMWPE film
Braiding – Double textile braid
Cover – Chemical resistance synthetic rubber
Temperature – Service temperature range -30°C to + 80°C

P.V.C. Division - P.V.C. Pipes, S.W.R. Pipes, U-PVC Pipes, Rigid Agricultural Pipes & Casing Pipes.

Rubber Hose Division - L.P.G. Hoses, Diesel Hoses, Tractor - Trolly Hoses & All Hydraulic Hoses.


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